Cheapest Price Guarantee

At CarpetGo, we guarantee the best prices in New Zealand for any product, anytime, anywhere. If you find a lower price, we’ll beat it! We’re your trusted source for affordable and high-value carpet and flooring solutions.

Terms & Conditions:
1. Our price-beating policy applies exclusively to current New Zealand prices.
2. The compared products must be similar, including product quality, job completion time, and workmanship.
3. This policy is applicable to regular shops only and does not cover stock liquidations, auctions, home-based or warehouse sellers, or overseas trading quotes.
4. To validate the competitor’s price, we require a written quotation and confirmation of their stock availability.
6. Our price-beating policy applies to both products and installation services.
7. We do not price-match businesses in administration or those closing down.
8. We do not price-match manufacturer dealers. CarpetGo reserves the right to the ultimate interpretation.

CarpetGo is your ultimate source for the lowest-priced and high-value carpet and flooring supply and installation services in New Zealand!