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Barlinek Engineered Wood Flooring Oak Pudding

Engineered wood flooring | Barlinek Tastes of life | 2200 x 180 mm |

Product thickness: 14 mm | 2.5mm -2.7mm Oak top-layer |

Lacquer finished | 3-layer base |

Product code:OBSG



Would like to know about refined,cream-colored double-stained hardwood oak flooring.

Refined, cream-colored double-stained floor with a white brushed surface. Delicate micro-bevelling adds elegance and slenderness. The matt lacquer finish gives it a modern twist. Transparent and natural wood features.

Who is Barlinek real wood flooring?
Barlinek is 100% European-made flooring. The Barlinek Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of layered wood floors, with potential production of 12 m m² per annum. Barlinek places great importance on the technology applied and the company’s finished products being ecological and environmentally neutral. Constant modernization of the plant and investments in modern technology has made this one of the cleanest company’s in this industry in Europe.

Why choose refined cream-colored barlinek hardwood oak flooring?
And that natural boards give an interior a distinct character. It is beautiful, health-friendly, and nice to touch. Barlinek engineered oak flooring is made entirely of real wood, and has a carefully thought-out structure, ensuring their durability and dimensional stability.

The Barlinek wooden floors are stable in size. This means they are resistant to temperature and humidity changes in rooms. This prevents the engineered wood flooring from drying out and squeaking, as is the case with real wood floors. Furthermore, real wood flooring with its surface damaged as a result of use can be sanded and renovated.

What are “Tastes of life“?

For passionate people who appreciate style and beauty, and want to grab life with both hands! Tastes of Life was prepared in collaboration with the finalists of the ‘Creations from Nature’ contest organized by the Barlinek Institute of Design. Four designers with four tasteful, though completely different, approaches to design. Each designer devised their own unique style for an excellent interior. An important factor and the secret to these extraordinary styles is the natural beauty and quality of genuine wood.