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European Chocolate Ash Engineered timber flooring – GL13

Engineered wood flooring | GL flooring | 1900 x 190 mm |

Product thickness: 14 mm | 3mm Ash top-layer |

Lacquer finished |Multi-layer base |

Product code: GL13

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European Chocolate Ash Engineered hardwood flooring

White Ash is a beautiful stained floor. Each engineered wood board comes 190mm wide and 1900mm length, making them suitable for most rooms regardless of the size. They come micro-beveled, to accentuate each plank subtly, and with a Brushed finish, to slightly bounce of some light, but not too much.

With an inviting dark chocolate hue, this color delivers a dramatic vintage look.The brushed floor feels more noticeable than the plane, as if it can touch the texture of the wood. The deeper and heavier the brushed is, the stronger the touch is. It is can enhance the inherent beauty of wood.

There are four general methods for floorboard installation which is nail down, staple down, glue down and floating. But for the nail down and staple has a lot of trouble after installation, so it gradually eliminated. The installation method currently used is mainly glued down and floating.

Floating floors are not directly fixed to the subfloor but are instead laid over an underlay without any glue. It is suitable for any type of timber apart from a solid wood floorboard. The cost of installation of floating is lower than glue down and easy to maintenance and replacement.

The glue-down method involves fixing the floor directly to the substrate using an adhesive. Glue down is very suitable for real wood flooring since it will minimize the expansion and contraction of real wood products so that the stability of the floor after installation is best.

European Chocolate Ash Engineered hardwood flooring