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Oak Nature Denis Parquet

Engineered wood flooring | 15mm | 2200 x 220 mm |

Product thickness: 15 mm | 3,5mm -4mm Oak top-layer |

Wax Oiled finished | multilayer base |

Product code:DUKE04



Oak Nature Denis smoked Parquet an oak floor, innovatively coloured in urban grey shades with highly visible, beveled edges. The natural beauty of the wood has been brought out by brushing and the floor has been finished in oiled to subdue this effect. Subtly decorated by natural wood features.

Is a great advantage of an oiled floor is its attractive appearance. Wax oiled board is like good wine – the older it gets the better. Re-oiling the floor allows you to preserve some small imperfections which add taste. An oiled wooden floor is also recommended for homes occupied by allergy sufferers. All because it attracts dust to a very-small extent. It is best to have a professional team install it, using the adhesive, as it requires a little more experience in laying engineered wood flooring. The price of such a service should be agreed on individually with an authorized service centre.

Modern, grey smoked and create a high-impact clean and contemporary look in spacious rooms. The manufacturer uses paint to paint the floor, it has a uniform surface gross which looks very clean and comfortable. what is more, it is feels like the silk smooth sense of reality, exquisitely, the white and tender feeling.

The glue down method involves fixing floorboard directly to the substrate using an adhesive. Glue down is very suitable for real wood floorboard since it will minimize the expansion and contraction of real wood products, so that the stability of the floor after installation is best.

Tongue & Groove means that each floorboard piece has a protruding tongue side and a receiving groove side. A tongue is securely inserted into the groove of the adjacent plate. The purpose is to control the vertical movement between adjacent plates.

Oak Nature Denis smoked Parquet