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Wol flooring Engineered Oiled natural wood

Engineered wood flooring | Wol flooring | 1900 x 190 mm |

Product thickness: 14 mm | 3mm Oak top-layer |

Oil finished | 3-Layer |

Product code: WF01



14mm European white oak color hardwood flooring and Engineered real wood flooring, timber floors in carpetgo

European white oak timber exudes a timeless charm with its classic natural oak tone, creating a warm and inviting ambiance. Despite residing in a bustling urban environment, it effortlessly evokes a sense of nature’s presence. The brushed floorboards exhibit a pronounced texture, offering a tactile experience that connects with the wood’s natural grain. The intensity of the brushing further amplifies this tactile sensation, enhancing the inherent beauty of the timber.

Floating floors, unlike traditional wood floors, do not require direct adhesion to the subfloor. Instead, they are laid over an underlay without the use of glue. This installation method is compatible with various timber types, except for natural wood floors. Floating floors offer cost-effective installation, easy maintenance, and convenient replacement.

In contrast, the glue-down method involves adhering the floorboards directly to the substrate using adhesive. This technique is particularly suitable for real wood flooring as it minimizes expansion and contraction, ensuring optimal stability post-installation.

Opting for wide-plank flooring maximizes the perception of space, imparting a more open and expansive feel to the area. Conversely, smaller patterns may create a visually cluttered environment. When selecting floorboards, it’s important to consider their thickness. The planks typically range from 14mm wood flooring determined by the thickness of the inner core layer. This flooring option guarantees high-quality hardwood timber floors and engineered real wood.

Tongue & Groove refers to a flooring system where each floorboard piece has a protruding tongue on one side and a corresponding receiving groove on the other side. The tongue of one board securely fits into the groove of the adjacent board, effectively controlling vertical movement between the plates.

14mm European white oak color hardwood flooring and Engineered real wood flooring, timber floors in carpetgo