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GL flooring Engineered natural rustic-GL19

Engineered wood flooring | GL flooring | 1900 x 190 mm |

Product thickness: 14 mm | 3mm Oak top-layer |

Lacquer finished |Multi-layer base |

Product code: GL19

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European Natural European oak floors are an exquisite example of hardwood timber flooring that provides an elegant and timeless aesthetic. These beautifully engineered wood boards are 190mm wide and 1900mm long, making them suitable for any room size. The micro-beveled edges and brushed finish of each board accentuate the natural beauty of the oak, allowing the subtle variation in grain and color to shine through.

The classic natural oak tones of these floors create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, evoking a sense of nature even in the heart of the city. The manufacturer employs a painting technique that creates a uniform surface gloss, resulting in a clean and comfortable look and feel. The surface has a silky smooth texture with a delicate, white, and tender finish.

When it comes to installation, there are four general methods to choose from: nail down, staple down, glue down, and floating. However, the nail-down and staple-down methods have gradually become less popular due to their installation difficulties. The most commonly used methods are now glued down and floating.

Floating floors are laid over an underlay without any adhesive, making them ideal for any type of timber flooring except for solid wood floorboards. This installation method is less expensive than glue down and allows for easy maintenance and replacement.

The glue-down method involves attaching the flooring directly to the substrate with adhesive, making it the most suitable method for real wood flooring. This method minimizes the expansion and contraction of the floorboards, ensuring the stability of the floor after installation.

In summary, European Natural European oak floors are a perfect example of the natural beauty of hardwood timber flooring. With their classic natural oak tones, brushed finish, and micro-beveled edges, they are sure to create a welcoming and elegant atmosphere in any space. Whether you choose to install them using the glue down or floating method, these floors are a long-lasting and worthwhile investment for any homeowner.