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Luxury Spc hybrid flooring-SPC101- Oak tree

SPC flooring | Atwood floors SPC commercial | 1219mm x 177mm |

Product thickness: 6.5 mm | Oak surface |

Product code: SPC101

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Luxury Spc hybrid flooring, Oak tree commercial grade.

Atwood Floors 6.5mm SPC Luxury Hybrid flooring provides all the benefits of click vinyl with the fashionable style of the pattern and the lower cost of an SPC core. Available in 5 colors, this vinyl flooring is 100% waterproof and can be used in practically any setting. With a click locking system, Atwood floors click vinyl is easy and quick to install, saving time and money.

100% waterproof SPC flooring, oak tree Natural oak tones giving a rich, warm feel to any space. With a simple click locking system and two types of boards, the flooring is easy and quick to install, with a built-in underlay. Robust and hardwearing, this flooring comes with a 15-year structure Warranty, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of settings.

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SPC products are plastic which has a benefit in them being moisture-resistant and therefore not subject to dimension change with humidity; however, they are subject to dimensional change with changing temperature, which similarly needs to be attended to at installation. they expand and contract depending on the temperature. If the temperature rises, then the flooring will expand in both width and length, and the contrary is that a lowering in temperature will cause the flooring to contract. The greater the variation between summer and winter, the greater the seasonal movement that will occur and, therefore, the need for trims within the floor.

SPC flooring suitable for bathroom and toilet, and they are waterproof stone-based product but does not install directly to the bathroom or toilet. Should be waterproofing your bathroom or toilet and pass a council check before install SPC flooring. Do not install SPC flooring to the shower box.

Luxury Spc hybrid flooring, Oak tree commercial grade.